The second and final part of Felt's first limited drop is now for a short time available.

The beauty and symbolism of the resilient Hoya plant, representing love and connection, are captured in each pair of earrings, featuring designs that mimic the intricate shapes of Hoya leaves.

  • Objects

    Felt is a creative company with a physical space that serves as the facilitator of all hand-crafted projects, jewelry, and non-jewelry. Besides jewelry, they create objects that can vary from interior accessories, art pieces, handbags, or furniture.    

  • You're the creative

    Felt creates ‘open source’ products. This means products, that can be used in many ways, are completely open to the wearer’s creativity. As a company, we want to encourage the user to use their own creativity while styling the product.

  • Locally handcrafted

    Felt makes their products in their own atelier in the well-known Jordaan in Amsterdam. By working with less stock, made-to-order for big wholesale orders, and repurposing projects Felt minimizes waste to the very minimum.

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