Our popular chunky pearl necklace now has a SLIM version online! This one features smaller 8mm pearls with a colorful gradient of small glass beads.

  • Objects

    Felt is a creative company with a physical space that serves as the facilitator of all hand-crafted projects, jewelry, and non-jewelry. Besides jewelry, they create objects that can vary from interior accessories, art pieces, handbags, or furniture.    

  • You're the creative

    Felt creates ‘open source’ products. This means products, that can be used in many ways, are completely open to the wearer’s creativity. As a company, we want to encourage the user to use their own creativity while styling the product.

  • Locally handcrafted

    Felt makes their products in their own atelier in the well-known Jordaan in Amsterdam. By working with less stock, made-to-order for big wholesale orders, and repurposing projects Felt minimizes waste to the very minimum.

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