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Ultimate hot summer 3-piece set

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Ace Fin necklace combined with the green turtle-inspired Abe earring from the Turbo set. The ultimate hot summer set now for a Holiday price.

Designed and handmade in Amsterdam 

Materials: gold-colored stainless steel, the ‘Amoebe’ is made of resin.
Please note that all Amoebas are handmade and could slightly differ in shape and print.



The hoops are made of stainless steel or sterling silver.
The ‘Amoeba’ is handmade with resin.

Please note that all 'Amoebas' are handmade and therefore could slightly differ in their color and drawing. Ida, Cuno, and Raul are hand-drawn and differ in shape.

Jewelry care

We recommend that you take your (gold-plated) silver jewelry out at certain moments: while sleeping, while showering, while swimming, and while using perfume and hair products. This is to prevent unnecessary damages, bending, and discoloration.

Felt’s stainless steel jewelry is water-resistant and has a longer life than sterling silver. Overexposure to water may wear off the plating faster. To guarantee a long(er) happy life we recommend you treat it like sterling silver jewelry.