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Joshua gold earring

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A chunky oval-shaped hoop for a festive diner and just slightly different compared to her chunky hoop siblings. Wanna go crazy? Combine Joshua with one of our Abe's or Aki's. 

Please note: the price is per piece (1)

Material: gold-colored stainless steel



Jewelry care

We understand you love to wear your ear party day in and out yet we recommend you take them out at certain moments:

The pieces can handle quite a lot but please take them out while sleeping. This is to prevent unnecessary damages and bending. 

Gold plated earrings are water resistant but overexposure to water may wear off the plating faster. To guarantee a long happy life we recommend removing them while showering, swimming, or working out.

Our gold-plated earrings are not a big fan of chemicals found in perfume or cleaning- and skin products.